An Update on Our Homes

Village Walk Skyline is making major strides as a community! As a premier, contemporary project using on and off-site building, the modular components for two of our homes were recently delivered in eight individual components. The great thing about our mountain-modern homes is that with on and off-site components to the construction they can be worked on regardless of weather conditions, which means that even now as the snow falls, our homes are getting move-in ready.

The first step to prepare for the home delivery was to pour the concrete foundation. Once the base was ready, the fully-framed townhomes would be placed in a mere 6 hours. It was an exciting day for the Village Walk Skyline team and the Northstar community. Everyone had seen the designs, floorplans, drawings of the exterior of the homes, and 3D renderings, but to see the homes come together right in front of us was pretty special.

The homes arrived after traveling for two days on trucks in eight different modules. The delivery was dubbed “Crane Day” as components were set and fit together like a sustainably-built puzzle. The sun was shining, the weather a typical fall day in Tahoe, as we all gathered around and watched the first stages of our highly-anticipated project come together.

Check out the video of the exciting day.


The home delivery was quite an operation that took a lot of coordination and communication from our expert construction team. Each module that makes up the two residences range from 30 to 50 feet in length and putting them together by setting them with the crane was really spectacular. The process of putting the townhomes together took such skill and precise coordination. However, efficiency was the theme here; the crew started at 8 a.m. and both of the homes were set by 3 p.m.

There are many benefits to a modern, community utilizing modular as part of the hybrid process, one of which is the fact that construction can happen despite inclement weather. Rather than waiting for winter to end and then rush construction to beat the snow again, major elements of our homes are factory-built, giving the builders time to produce quality work, and then delivered when the weather is nice.  Once they are set, the area between the modules, particularly the living room, and the roof are framed on-site. The on-site framing and roofing are complete in just 4 weeks resulting in a “dried in” building very quickly, which has obvious benefits for mountain construction. This decreases the building time, leading to homes being delivered in less than a calendar year from breaking ground. 

We are all so excited to see Village Walk Skyline come together and can’t wait to see what the future holds. The first building consisting of two townhomes is nearly ready for families to move in, who are eager to begin making priceless memories in the mountains! 


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