Village Walk Skyline is Harnessing the Benefits of On and Offsite Building

The Future of Mountain Living

Prefab houses, houses that are built off-site in a factory then completed on-site using high-quality materials while adhering to strict eco-friendly standards, have come a long way in recent years. Not only are they incredible examples of modern design but they are also a way for home builders to truly tell a sustainable story.

Village Walk Skyline duplex homes will be prefabricated in a factory and designed and completed on-site by sagemodern in conjunction with Paradigm8 which has substantial experience with large-scale development projects. The companies behind Village Walk Skyline are used to working together. In fact, sagemodern’s founder, Paul Warner, helped build Paradigm8 founder Brian Helm’s prefabricated home in Seattle back in the early 2000s. It’s all connected, kind of like a modular home.

sagemodern is both architect and contractor which means there is no disconnect between design and build. This greatly speeds up the process when there aren’t as many moving parts. Since the architecture coincides with construction, sagemodern knows exactly what features cost and can design accordingly.

When the Village Walk Skyline project was just an idea, prefab structures made sense. An attached modular design for a community means there is a level of repeatability which reduces building time on site. Since the home’s framing and construction would be completed in a factory, double the work can be done in half the time which is especially beneficial with seasons in Tahoe. Prebuilding and assembling a home before the snow flies is not only time-efficient but also better for the environment. With no wasted materials at the building site, Village Walk Skyline could tell a truly eco-friendly story since the homes would be built in a fraction of the time that construction normally requires.

With design complete, the next step for Village Walk Skyline homes is for modular construction to begin. The logistics to transport the homes are where it gets really interesting. The separate modules, under 15 feet wide which leads to fewer transport restrictions, are wrapped and loaded onto as few trucks as possible. Even the moving process is as efficient and eco-friendly as it can be.

Once the prefabricated homes get delivered on the lots at the top of Northstar, where a crane will have been set up the night before, sagemodern construction managers will work on putting them together on-site. The Village Walk Skyline homes will feature rough sun cedar siding in different colors with metal accents, all attributing to a mountain modern feel. sagemodern has been putting modular homes together since 2008, so the process runs quite smoothly. The crew can get an entire duplex stitched up in a day.

While the lower level recreational rooms and the living room upstairs will be built on-site in order to allow for high ceilings, the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms will be modular. Most of the work will be poured-in-place concrete, an easy material to work with, highly durable, and well-contained, which speaks to the eco-friendly theme. The construction methods used will keep energy efficiency top of mind to reduce the impact on surrounding ecosystems.

Part of the customization of all Village Walk Skyline homes is that they will also be very green, following Title 24 that requires new builds in California to significantly reduce energy consumption. With solar capabilities, low-flow toilets and showers, high-efficiency LEED-certified appliances, compact but open floor plans, and a good ratio of floor-to-ceiling windows to insulated walls, potential homebuyers can rest easy knowing that their brand new homes were built with the least amount of environmental impact as possible.

The team behind Village Walk Skyline has been thoughtful about how the development will affect its surroundings. That’s why they made sure that the mountain modern living spaces in the community will tell a truly green story. The impact of the builds will be minimal and homeowners can be proud of their elegant, meticulously-crafted, and truly sustainable homes.

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