Ridge View - Sold Out

The aesthetic vision for Village Walk Skyline focuses on creating homes that will remain timeless and draw the mind to the future. The homes are designed with simplicity in mind, with large open spaces and modern accents. The generous array of windows are intentionally placed, highlighting breathtaking views of the Sierras and bringing the feeling of the outdoors inside.

Ridge View - Sold Out

4 bedrooms

3.5 bathrooms

2,980 sq ft

Spacious 2-car garage, designed for summer and winter gear storage

Living Room

Floor Plans

village walk skyline floor plans

Disclaimer: Please note this floor plan is for marketing purposes and is to be used as a guide only. All efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy at time of publication. Changes may be made during the development process and dimensions, fixtures, finishes and specifications are subject to change without notice. Hot Tubs and Fire Pits are Buyer Upgrade Options.

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